November 10, 2004

It's Official: Corn Goes Both Ways!

Thanks to the insominiacal research by The Brown Cow, I am no longer confused by corn. We can all now sleep well at night secure in the knowledge that corn is both a vegetable AND a grain. The following is from a link s/he provided entitled What Counts As a Vegetable:

"When corn is sitting there on the cob, all yellow and squishy, it's a vegetable. However, when corn is taken off the cob and dried out, it's a grain. Cornbread is made with corn meal, which makes it a grain. Popcorn is made with dessicated corn kernels, and so is also a grain. Canned or frozen corn, on the other hand, goes out of its way to retain corn's various ... on-the-cob qualities, and therefore qualifies as a ... vegetable."

Thanks again to The Brown Cow!
(I'd give them a link except s/he is evidently one of the more anonymous types. Bummer.)


elswhere said...

Thank you Brown Cow, and thank you Words Rock! [Do you prefer to go by Words Rock or Suzanne? I wonder this every time I write to you.]

I have often wondered about corn. Every time I prepare yet another quick and lazy dinner of some frozen chunks of protein from Trader Joe's, as I put yet another bowl of frozen corn into the microwave, I tend to think: "Does this meal contain a vegetable? Or am I depriving my family of a balanced diet, serving them nothing but protein and starch?" Now, thanks to your post, I will rest easy.

Whew. I feel healthier already. (I really do! Not being sarcastic!)

cleolove said...

Whoooo hooo, corn is BI!

Coming over to the rainbow side .. first we recruit the veggies, then we take over the world!


Anonymous said...

Hey - has anyone asked the corn ?

I guess spending all that day basking in the sun, with little to do except wait for a gentle breeze to break the monotony, they get a long time to think.

If we knew the true thoughts of the corn, we would be that little bit wiser.

As for me, I am more interested in Hops. Now there's a grain with an attitude.

Meg: said...

Thanks for clearing that up. lmao