November 5, 2004

Heading South

Okay, so it's our lucky weekend (although a large part of me would feel pretty damn lucky if I could just curl up in bed to nap and read and read and nap all weekend).

Wendy and I are traveling to see The Boy's show, departing this afternoon. This evening, we'll be joined by my mom and her friend. Saturday, they will depart for home and my step-mother from Oregon will arrive.

Shuffling grandparents. Yippee! Last weekend The Boy was inundated with parents and grandparents from his father's side. Followed by our double-strike this weekend. Mwuha. It's rather like payback for the time he blew out his diaper and used it as fingerpaint back when he was about nineteen months old.

Yet I think he enjoys our visits. I hope he does. I know he enjoys being slipped cash. He is my son, after all. And parents and grandparents are usually good for at least a little of that. Eases the pain and such.

You'll have to do without my exceptionally insightful commentary whining for several days. Try not to miss me too much.

If you need a chuckle, or even if you don't, go read this blog. Unless, of course, you already do. And if you already do, go read it again. You know it's worth it.


Eyes for Lies said...

Have a good trip! Hope the boy "breaks a leg" figuratively. Lucky you to be on the road again. I'd love to get out of here for a while!!

cleolove said...

May your journey be safe and your gas be cheap!

I love your blog :)