March 30, 2005


After more than a few email comments (thanks for caring, y'all!), I realize I may not have been clear when I posted that The Boy would not be HOME again until October.

That does NOT mean we will not SEE him until October. In actuality, we will see him three times before the school year is over and again this summer.

Wendy and I are mobile, after all. There is, however, a difference between a traveling visit and actually having him home.

So yeah. I know. I should just quit whining.
Done and done.



Elizabeth said...

Praise be to the little baby Jesus that you've quit yer whining.

Suzanne said...

LMAO Elizabeth, such compassion. Just you wait until yours leaves home. :)

Dora said...

Oh, I'm LOL.
I don't know if Elizabeth is irish or not but I have an irish friend and that saying comes out of her mouth with the exact words at least twice a day. I could just hear her saying it when I read it.
(ok, going back to my little corner)
Oh, before I get back in the corner, whining is good.....keeps the steam let off, otherwise we'd simple explode :)

Gina said...


That's right, you had mentioned in a previous post that you and Wendy would be visiting him in Montana.

Bill Clinton stated in his autobiography that one of his favorite places was Montana, so it can't be that bad of a place.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I cry cause my son's going away for the week. It could be a lot worse. You could NOT be upset that he wont be home.

Elizabeth said...

Washlady...I am not from Ireland but my peeps were. They were always praise be-in to something.

Um...Ms. Suburbian Lebanese, it's called tough love.

Career Guy said...

I believe the specific Irish term that you are looking for is:
kwitcherbitchin, though I of course would never use such an expression.