March 29, 2005

More Than One?

I was out doing a few errands today, the last of which was to stop for a twelve-pack of cheap beer. Heaven forbid we run out. Convenience took me to the 7-11 where we used to shop frequently. It is the 7-11 where I cultivated the employees by always giving a smile and a warm greeting. It didn't take long before they reciprocated, although some were more challenging than others. I kept at it until I beat them into submission won them over. They could not resist my charm. I so much prefer shopping where I'm actually treated like a welcome customer.

It was the middle of the afternoon and I was the only customer in the store. The fellow behind the counter said, "Hey, where've you been? I haven't seen you lately."

I smiled, "Well since I quit smoking I don't stop in that often anymore."

He nodded and said, "Good for you."

I said, "I see you have new neighbors across the street" as I pointed at the McMansions squatting on their mudlots.

He squinched up his face and chuckled. "Oh those places! Those places are haunted! At night they will find all four ghosts coming to visit, oh yes they will." He looked practically gleeful.

(As an aside, I found it impossible to accurately convey his speech pattern tactfully. English is not his first language and his accent is very strong. I gave up trying and consequently he sounds just like me.)

I crinkled up my face in return, thinking back to the one unfortunate person I knew had died on that property. "There are four ghosts over there? I thought there was only one."

The fellow replied, "Oh I think there are four." He held his hands together like he was choking something. "But even if there is just one, that ghost will come up at night and get those folks like this!"

He laughed heartily and I joined in.
But it was just a tiny bit ooogie.
Yet still amusing.


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Elizabeth said...

Ok...the 7/11 guy is scary