March 2, 2005

Sonny & Cher: An Update

Not last month but the month before, I shared the story of our friends Sonny & Cher and the herd of mice they adopted for the winter.

Wendy and I attended a party Saturday night where we had the pleasure of mixing and mingling with them. A conversation with Sonny revealed they are now housing and feeding nine captured mice.

His plan for disposal come springtime seems a bit vague. No need to worry. Sonny's a resourceful fellow.

In related news, this site recently got a hit from someone googling "get rid of baby mice."



PA said...

Can I ask a rude question? Why do you identify yourself by your sexual preference? Isn't there something else interesting about you or is being gay it?

I don't mean that negatively... but I see this type of thing a lot. Just wondering.

Mel said...

Yeah, right "pa," you don't mean that negatively. Whatever.

I thought your post was really funny, Suzanne. I laughed!

weese said...

Hey PA - at,
Why do you identify yourself by your faith?
I don't mean to be rude...but isn't there something else interesting about you?

WordsRock said...

pa, why would you choose to ask a stranger a question you feel is rude? With a little thought, you could have worded it differently to be polite and less negative. You could have asked "Suzanne, it appears to me your sexuality contributes greatly to how you view yourself in the world. I've seen that type of thing a lot. Can you offer any insight to help me understand why?"

If you had asked it that way, I may have replied this way:

Reading the content of my blog rather than focusing on one word in the title will eliminate the need to ask your question.

You will see I don't identify myself exclusively, or even primarily, by my sexuality. It is but a piece of who I am, along with suburbanite and mother and writer and friend and bibliophile and homeowner and partner and American and cook and sister and accountant and woman and pet enthusiast and daughter, among other things.

Is any of it interesting? Eh, who knows? However I do know taking one part and declaring it the sum of the whole is never a good idea.


weese said...

so you identify yourself as Suburban? Not to be rude but...

ok ok...sorry... I just can't resist. It's just so easy.
tee hee.

Eyes said...

Did you see Wife Swap last night? It was the religious/conversatives versus the atheist/liberals. It was a riot! I finally found someone who was like me LOL...we not totally but in thought.

Sorry that person made a rude comment to you! Geez.

We've harbored mice until Spring. I've fed and watered them too. Couldn't bear to put them in danger in the cold. They love popcorn seeds BTW!

Elizabeth said...

PA, PA, Peeee Ayyyyyyeee!

Personally, I think Suzanne's gayity is pretty darn interesting to me and I might not have found this blog if not for her announcing her gayishness.

Perhaps us gay-like folk will quit using the gay label when you straight folk stop holding hands in public and kissing in public and putting 'Girls Gone Wild' videos out (OK...maybe you can keep the Girls Gone Wild videos)... let's see, what else do straighties do in public to announce that you all have SEX together and you all want to have SEX ALL THE TIME (don't deny it, the evidence is there Mr. Viagra Penis Extender)... get married, y'all do all that dirty dancin', you use hetero sex to sell bubble gum and candy bars, and automobiles and then there's the hetero wimmin' showin' their titties in New Orleans (Ok...that's alright too) ...sigh...PA, I am so fucking tired. You just tired me out and now I can't have sex ALL NIGHT LONG AND INTO THE NEXT WEEK like normal homos do because you have simply exhausted me.

Little Baby Jesus, please hear my prayer, please get straight people to stop announcing their sexuality EVERY SINGLE TIME I meet one. Just the other day this woman was talking about her husband...ugh... would you please make it STOP!

PS...PA, lovely hat. I'm imagine it's reassuring to you to know that Little Baby Jesus loves all his chillin'.

Elizabeth said...

Oh...I almost forgot...PA, I forgive you.