March 23, 2005


The Boy and I were out running errands yesterday (did I mention he's home for spring break?). After shopping we decided to stop by my friend Tina's house to say hello. Tina is also on spring break. Yes, she's one of those.

There was an extra car or two in front of their house. The front door was open. Before we could even ring the bell, the screen door flew open. Someone rushed out and leapt into The Boy's arms.

It was a friend he hadn't seen since leaving for college eighteen months ago. Evidently she was pleased to see him. And he, she.

Tina's house was full of children. Not children children, but teenage children. I swallowed a pang of envy and poked my head into the den to say hello to the crowd. I didn't recognize half of them but got hugs from the ones I did know.

Eighteen months is a long time in high school time.
Yet really not so much in the real world.


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