March 24, 2005

Highlights of Yesterday Morning

  • Flailed blindly at the alarm clock blaring in my ear.
  • Knocked over the cup of coffee Wendy so kindly left waiting in the same place she always leaves it.
  • Groaned in disbelief.
  • Reached out and put my hand in the coffee puddle, confirming the reality of my clumsiness.
  • Jumped up, grabbed a towel and cleaned up the mess.
  • Decided, inexplicably, to leave the dogs sleeping and do my morning routine backward.
  • Blearily hopped into the shower.
  • Raced to let the now-wide-awake dogs outside after my shower, dripping water and wearing only a towel.
  • Coaxed Cosine out into the pouring rain despite her obvious reluctance.
  • Reminded myself my morning routine was best approached routinely.
  • Spent far too long figuring out what to wear.
  • Departed for work 10 minutes late.
  • Observed the long lines of drenched tourists waiting in line to tour Mount Vernon, a sure sign of spring's imminent arrival.
This morning, however, is so far off to a much better beginning.


1 comment:

Mopsie said...

I've had bad morning FAR too many times... but I have to say I was grimacing at the decision to do the routine backwards and then having to rush the dogs outside. YIKES!