March 4, 2005

Random Friday Morning Drivel

Wendy and I have been crushing on Netflix. Yes yes, I know. Movies and The Sopranos on top of American Idol and The O.C. What can I say? We never get out to the movies and haven't for years. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Plus we love hanging out around the fireplace. It's winter. When spring rolls around, I know from experience our television watching will drop off radically. When spring rolls around, we will be toiling in the yard or on the house. Or maybe sitting on the porch reading a book.

Some friends want to go snow tubing not this weekend but the weekend following. Part of me wants to go, but the other part says "What the hell does one wear snow tubing?" I'm certain there is nothing in my wardrobe suitable for such activity. But still... maybe we can borrow appropriate outdoor attire from someone? Something tells me snow tubing is more physical than river tubing. River tubing is much easier to dress for, I do know that.

We should find out this month where The Boy will be working this summer. I'll toss in a little knock on a little wood because while I have no doubt he'll be working, I don't want to jinx him. Does it hurt to indulge minor superstitions? I think not.



weese said...

You two are so much like us... it cracks me up.
(can't wait to get home to the fire tonight to watch the Sopranos and the LWord on 'VideoOnDemand')

Mel said...

It's winter?! :::looking outside in the sunshine at the daffodils::::::::