March 8, 2005

Communication Interrupted.

I don't know much about astrology or planets aligning or anything mystical and ethereal like that. I know just enough to feel confident blaming this past weekend on the pull of the unknown.

Has Saturn been overshadowing Mars? Did the Age of Aquarius get caught up in the tractor beam of Dead Planet Walking? Did the great bow wielded by Orion loose a sharp arrow in the direction of the Pleiades spanking the eldest sister sharply in the ass? Does my incoherent babble fall on deaf ears, or leave a sense of dismay and mild alarm?

This past weekend hosted cosmic events of a magnitude yet to be determined. The extent may never be fully known. Those I've spoken with, and others about which I've heard more than mere rumors, have fascinating stories from these days just passed. Stories of malcontent and disharmony exploding with acerbic vitriol. All radars down, no warnings given. Normal communication rendered inoperative. Words spewed having no meaning and making little sense.

Were you there too? Or was this purely an East Coast phenomenon? Duck! Beware the fallout!

Sometimes I wish Wendy and I lived in a remote cave. She could hunt wild boar and I could roast it on a spit over an open fire.

On second thought, that doesn't sound very suburban at all. Maybe the local butcher could deliver a loin of wild boar to our holiday hideaway in the ether.

I'd settle for normalcy.
Or something like it.

Meanwhile, until the dust settles, I'll be content with another beer.
Join me?



Jennifer said...

When I first saw this at 8:30 a.m., a beer seemed...I dunno. But now? Now, I'm all in.

weese said...

well, i'll have the beer for sure.
but no fallout at our house...

WenWhit said...

Me big bad butch boar hunter! *pounds chest*

Or not.