May 1, 2005

The First of May

I worked for this one particular man for about eleven years. Every year on the first day of May, he'd bop into my office and announce the same thing year after year after year. Without fail. Then he'd chuckle. I would too. Chuckle that is.

I don't work for him any longer and I miss his traditional May announcement. So this one is for Jim. Because I remember him fondly.

"Hooray hooray, the first of May.
Outdoor screwing begins today!"

So what are you doing inside anyway?
Don't you know what day it is?



Sam said...

Yes, Beltane is one of the best Pagan holidays. Too bad there are too few open, wild areas in which two can really celebrate.

weese said...

I sooo want to dance naked around the Beltane problem is that its just too damn cold out. Not to mention I would need a burning permit in our suburban town.
It was pretty chilly out yesterday even in the full no hanky panky outdoors for us (see you in July)