May 31, 2005

Home, Glorious Home

Oh yes yes yes, I'm back.

I return triumphant, covered head to toe in "World's Best Daughter" stickers. The only visible part of me is a few stray locks of my gray curly hair. They glow in the dark. I mean the stickers glow, not the stray locks of my gray curly hair. I feel incredibly special and, more importantly, my mom does too.

Oh the tales I will tell. Tales not only of bonding with my maternal unit, but also tales of odd itchy rashes, a Memorial Day barbeque, 900 pounds of demolished porch detritus, good books, interesting people and coming home to my girlfriend. Not necessarily in that order.

But I won't be telling tales tonight because I'm busy pushing paper catching up with work I should have done last week but instead will do this week.

For tales you'll have to wait, 'enry 'iggins, just you wait.



Melodee said...

I will tap my toe, I will pick at my cuticles, I will twirl my hair and I will wait. Impatiently. (Good luck catching up.)

Pisces75 said...

Glad you are back!
Thanks for your kind comments on my site for my uncle.

Gina said...

Fine, fine... Also glad that you are back, my friend!