May 12, 2005

Nikita: Indian Princess

This is one of Sherab Khandro's dogs. She's visiting us too. She was a pound puppy and is a mutt. She is sleek and soft, with wonderfully expressive eyes. In this photo, she is attired in her Indian Princess garb. Indian Princess garb? Whatever could I possibly mean by that? Well if you look closely you may be able to see the dot painted on her head. My sister dots her occasionally when Nikki wanders by while she is painting. (No disrespect intended to Indians or any others who wear a dot on their forehead. This is actually Nikita's way of celebrating multiculturalism. Let's all try honoring others, shall we?)

Nikki also has an African American persona which does not involve a dot on her forehead. It's all in the name: Nikita NooDELL. I just don't know what to say about that one. When the dog is her plain old self, we call her plain old Nikki. Or Noodle. Or Nikki Noodle. Or whatever feels right at the time.

Nikki has an annoying habit of pawing at people with her dainty little feet. She doesn't much care if she gets you from the front or from behind. A person will be standing there minding their own business and wham! She plants one of her cute little feet high up on a tender thigh and rakes it downward. The victim object of her attention usually yelps and jumps. Nikki's tail wags and her soft little tongue laps their hand.

These tender ministrations of hers leave behind interesting bruises of varying shapes and sizes. My thighs look as if someone has been beating me. (I'd post a picture, but you'd never again be able to gaze upon a thigh without thinking, "Well, that thigh may be nice but it surely doesn't compare with the lovely thigh belonging to Suzanne the Suburban Lesbian." I suppose the bruises I am wearing right now may mitigate any lasting effect seeing my thigh could have on your psyche, but still. I'd hate to take the chance.)

Despite her habit of desecrating thighs, Nikki is really quite sweet. When surprised, she startles gracefully like a deer and darts off a short distance only to lope back a moment later. Dudley is enjoying having someone to play with; they race around the backyard chasing squirrels and playing tag with Bonnie, who races back and forth on her side of the fence. They all pause briefly from time to time to touch noses through the chain links and share a bit of barked conversation.

Cosine is rather unaware of Nikita. But she's rather unaware of most things unless they are smack dab in front of her nose and even then I wonder. Figero, on the other hand, is one pissed off cat. Nikki doesn't know any other cats and is quite curious. Figero's attempts to teach her manners with his sharp claws have been futile. The Noodle is nothing if not persistent.

So for the next few weeks, we are once again a household of three people and three dogs. And the cat. Yes it's a freaking zoo, but I'm liking it.



Gina said...

Suzanne, you crack me up!

Bent Fabric said...

LOL! Ditto Gina's comment. Nikki is freaking adorable. She reminds me of a greyhound.

Melodee said...

Funniest line I've read today: "Well, that thigh may be nice but it surely doesn't compare with the lovely thigh belonging to Suzanne the Suburban Lesbian."


Suzanne said...

Elizabeth, evidently the rules of the contract state that I must only title her Professional Fine Artist if I am discussing her work or showing an actual picture of her working. It's in the fine print, so I'm not really surprised your 44-year-old eyes could see it clearly. I know how you hate wearing your glasses. ;)

And please note: it's Professional FINE Artist.

Let's get back to admiring my thighs already, shall we?

Eyes for Lies said...

I love freak'n zoos! When we get together with my mom -- we were more fur than people LOL. Well, that was before my Babes past away last month. And before our "noodle -- Noodie -- pasted away two years ago.

We are thinning down...sadly.