May 7, 2005

She's Here!

Regarding our secret.
It's like this.
It's not just like this.
It is this.

My sister lives far away in Sedona.
Sedona, Arizona.
That's more than half way across the country.
Two thousand two hundred twenty two miles, give or take a few.
(Far too far to pop by for an afternoon cup of coffee.)

The Boy is in school in North Carolina.
Three hundred miles, give or take a few.
(Still far too far to pop by for an afternoon cup of coffee.)

Our mother lives in Virginia, not all that far from us.
One hundred thirty six miles, give or take a few.
(Still just a bit too far to pop by for an afternoon cup of coffee.)

As you may be aware, this weekend is Mother's Day.
Many mothers enjoy spending Mother's Day with their children.
Shocking, I know. Mothers are funny like that.
My mother is no exception.
Neither are Wendy and I.
(Wen's mother is no exception either. Unfortunately we won't see her until next month. Wendy has to make do with mine until then.)

My sister arrived at our house from Sedona last night.
Saturday, we three will pile into the car and drive to North Carolina.
My mother will also be in her car heading to North Carolina.
There we will converge upon The Boy.

The Boy knows we are coming.
Wendy, my mom and me, that is.
But neither my mother nor The Boy are aware that my sister is coming.
That's been our little secret.
We've been keeping it for months.
It hasn't been easy.

My mother will be quite pleased with her Mother's Day surprise.
So will The Boy. He hasn't seen his aunt since his high school graduation.

Wendy and I are already pleased.
SK is here!

Happy Mother's Day, people.



Jennifer said...

How FUN!!!

And this time, at least *wave* as you drive by Raleigh, ok??


whispers said...

That was a great secret. And you have kept it well all this time :)

Have a GREAT Mother's Day, all of you!

Gina said...

That is great! It must have been a difficult secret to keep.

Ok, you have a reprieve from the smacking around.

I hope you all have a wonderful time.

d.K. said...

That's a great secret! Have and enjoy!

Eyes for Lies said...

How awesome is that! I hope you have a great visit together. I'd love to have a sister :)

weese said...

Yay...secrets that end in surprises!

Sandra Scoppettone said...

I envy you having a sibling. I never had any. I watch my partner with her siblings and how much fun they have together. It's a bit unusual because not only do they all like each other, they like their partners as well. They've all made me part of their family and I appreciate it.

But it's not the same. You're lucky. I hope you had a great time.

Lioness said...

Must be the moon, I am more excited over this than it warrants, considering I've never met any of you!