May 14, 2005

Friday Night in the 'Burbs

Scene: Friday evening, 10:17 pm. Our living room. Wendy stretched out on the couch with her head in Suzanne's lap. Dudley cuddled along her side. Cosine curled up on the doggie bed. Figero huddled on the kitchen counter. SK seated at the table, painting. The TV tuned to a re-run of Law and Order: Trial by Jury.

Into the living room walked Nikita, juggling something white in her mouth. She dropped it on the floor. She scooped it back up again, her soft mouth gently cupping her prize.

"Hey!" Suzanne said, pointing at the dog. "Hey, Nikki's eating something. SK, what has Nikki got in her mouth?"

SK peered at Nikita. "Oh that's just a tissue. She loves getting into the bathroom trash."

Suzanne made a face as she thought back to little shreds of tissue scattered around the house. She knew all about dogs who snatched tissues from the bathroom trashcan.

Then SK said, "Sometimes I blow my nose and just hand the tissue right to Nikki."

I love my sister.



Melodee said...

!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Career Guy said...

Now that is gross. Hilarious, but gross.

weese said...

ours loves tissues too.
I actually found her chewing gum two times now that she pulled out of the garbarge. oddly she does not eat it...she just chews.

Unknown said...

i have a cat who loves Q-tips (cotton buds) ... preferably used ... but he'll take 'em however they come

Bent Fabric said...

*lol* Ewwwwwww!