October 28, 2005

Cell Phonage

My folks finally allowed us to add them to our cellular phone plan. I think they were among the last two people in the free world to get cell phones.

These are not technologically backward individuals. They are computer and internet savvy, well-educated, busy adults. They travel a lot, are active in their community. How had they managed to exist without the modern convenience of a phone in their pocket? I also selfishly wanted to be able to reach them whenever I desired. (In hindsight, I hadn't considered the reverse would be true also... silly me.)

My mom would say, "Honey, we just can't justify the expense!"

I'd remind her of something her own mother used to say, something that has become somewhat of a family joke. My independent on-the-go comfortably endowed widowed grandmother would say, "I can't afford to eat meat anymore!" It was her state of mind, not necessarily all bad, but there is a point when practicality precludes frugality.

Finally they decided that, yes, cell phones would be useful to them. Then it was like pulling teeth to get them to allow us to absorb the expense. Adding lines to a cell plan these days is, for me right now, such a small thing. We easily spend more than the monthly fee on one meal in a restaurant! I swear I had to beg. I can't count how many times in my younger years they helped us out financially. Surely they could let us do this one little thing for them!

The first month my stepfather made no calls and my mom made six. All of them to me.

During one of those calls she said, borderline whine, "No one ever calls me on my cell phone."

"Well, Mom, have you given your number to anyone?"

"Uh, no. Not yet."

I do so love my mother.



Gina said...

My mom doesn't even know her own cell number.

Oh, we don't have a cellphone, so we are the last two people in the free world not to have them.

Career Guy said...

Yup, we don't know our cell phone number. We only turn it on to make a call, and we only make a call about every week or so. OK, suppose it is on and someone calls us. I can never hear the darn ring tone. I switched it to vibrate and now I can't get the darn thing out of my jeans pocket fast enough to answer it. We have it for "emergencies", whatever that means.

Kim Carney said...

That is so funny. My mom is about the same, still has not learned to check her messages. And everytime she wants to sign on to her hotmail acct, calls me and we go through the steps (again) although I have a shortcut on the desktop for her. ;)