October 22, 2005


Dudley had his annual trip to the vet for vaccinations and such recently.

Our vet keeps the records for all the family pets in the same file folder. Ours had become quite thick as Cosine, Detail and Figero grew old and had issues. But the day I took Dudley in, I noticed our family folder now only contained a page or two.

They had purged the records for our dead pets. Practical and reasonable, of course. But for some reason it made me sad to think their histories ended up in a garbage can somewhere.

We're working on fattening up that file.
Adding a page.
That'll fix things right up.



Career Guy said...

Let's hope they shredded the file, lest their identities be stolen. :)
Umm, I'm not sure you really want fat vet files, if you know what I mean. Better they only see your pets healthy.

mackleysmom said...
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