October 3, 2005

Montana Memory

Imagine the exchange with the clerk when returning our rental car. "Damage? Missing front fender? Broken window? Uh, well, you see, it's like this. We were lured in by a big yellow sign, paid $10 per person for the privilege of driving into the wilderness via an unpaved road to get up-close and personal with all different types of bears native to the region! Sure, there's a few dings where a grizzly got a little frisky. I'm certain those claw marks will buff right out."



Anonymous said...

Your car is your cage? I wanna go!


Eyes for Lies said...

Those places certainly look interesting. I have a faint memory of experiencing something like that once.

Oh, and another time in the Rockies. There was my mom. Stop! Stop! Look at that adorable Bear. We have to stop and feed it. Com'on pull over.

My dad turned ghost white and pleaded for our lives that day against my mom's better judgement! Thankfully, he won.

WenWhit said...

Later, we ran into some locals. They HIGHLY recommended the experience.