October 26, 2005

Internet Disconnectivity

We've been experiencing connectivity issues with our DSL for the past two days. It has seriously crimped my blogging activity. How rude.

The connection cuts in and out, the middle bright green on the modem flashing slow and then fast and then steady, repeating the sequence over and over. We've done the usual: power down, unplug and replug everything, smack the modem, curse, waste 30 minutes of life on the phone with technical support, give up and do something else.

This evening, I unplugged the one phone we have to see if that had an effect. Sweet success! We've had a great internet connection all evening.

But now what? Is it the phone? Is it the cord? Is it the DSL filter? Is it the phone jack? Is it something else I'm not yet thinking of?

I'm not much in the mood for the tedious process of elimination required to track down the problem. I'm more inclined just to keep the phone unplugged. It's actually rather peaceful.

PS: I'm not the only one who is smitten!



whispers said...

awwwwww....Pixie sounds like a real lover :) and the pix with each of you are good indicators that the love is flowing back and forth.

as for the DSL...could just be the filter is dead.....but it is nice to have the "telephone silence" isn't it!

Melodee said...

My new motto: When in doubt, vacuum it out. ;)

As for the picture, very sweet.

Eyes for Lies said...

No, you aren't LOL.

I think I've been smitten bitten too!!!

I want more Pixie photos!!!!! More, more, more.

She is gorgeous, and seeing her smile like that (you too, Wendy!) makes me want to go all silly!

I'm a dog nut!

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

Both of them have the sweetest expressions on their faces: they are the faces of individuals who are aware of how good the cuddles are.

Anonymous said...

We are owned my our 2 year old 7 lb miniature pinscher Louie and will be bringing home another rescue, Lilly (6lb 6 month old rat terrier) on Sunday. Isn't it great how they wrap us around their paws??