February 1, 2006

Do I ♥ Sirius Satellite Radio?

I have my stepfather to thank for my love of talk radio. I didn't always love it, oh no. Man, I hated riding in the car with him when I was a youngster because he always had a fuzzy crackly AM station tuned to some boring talker. Bah.

I have, however, developed over the years a propensity for listening to talk radio myself. It had evolved. Or more likely I had. Hal graduated to Sirius Satellite Radio. My mom passed along his Sirius hardware and subscription to us since he's not using it any longer.

I'm still familiarizing myself, wending my way through the plethora of stations, mining for gold and discarding rubble. There's gold there, but yes there is rubbish too. Plenty.

The Raw Dog Comedy channel: Have you ever heard Chris Rock's comedy skit entitled "Race Wars"? Oh my god, if I had a nut I would have busted it. Gold.

Then there is, of course, Howard. I've been a fan of his for a long time and I do enjoy listening to his show on the way to work. The rest of what is broadcast on his two channels I have not yet found of interest. Gold Minus. I reserve the right to reclass at any given moment.

The one gay station I've happened across, OutGayQ or something like that: blech, blech and triple blech. Maybe I just haven't caught it at the right time. Rubbish.

Court TV satisfys the crime junkie in me. E! broadcasting "true life" celebrity stories can be entertaining. Current event and political talkers are worthy of a pause depending on their topic. Gold.

The number of music channels in all styles, genres, eras, you name it. Bonus points for the artist and song title on the hardware display. Gold Plus.

All the sports news, talk and games a girl could want to hear: Gold. But I am quite chagrined that Sirius does not broadcast any baseball. Bah.

Not driving out of the range of any given station: Gold.

I briefly paused on the Martha Stewart Channel the other day, a gentle female voice broadcasting: "So your yams are baking in the oven but you'd really like to warm the dinner plates before serving your guests. What is a hostess to do? Take a hint from Colonial women: stack your plates on a rack by the roaring fire. Blanketing them in a soft towel will keep them clean and fresh. The towel will also serve as a tent to keep in the warmth."

On that station, my jury is still out.
Sure. Sure it is.



Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Listen carefully for the subliminal messages... "Buy Martha Stewart bedsheets... watch Martha Stewart Living... lobby to bring back The Apprentice: Martha Stewart..."

Gina said...

No baseball? Bah!

I have recently found some great radio stations on the internet, and so have eschewed most commercial radio for now.

Melodee said...

I love talk radio.

the determined dieter said...

I recommend Lynn Samuels on Talk Left (meaning liberal) on Sirius. She's hilarious.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am addicted to talk radio and would rather listen to intelligent coversation over music any day. The best talk radio is on the CBC, the Canadian government funded station. It is unique in North American radio. A bonus, if you are a night crawler or shift worker is that it rebroadcasts pieces from radio in other countries: Sweden, Britain, Germany, Poland, Russia, Australia etc. Great stuff.

I used to listen to the 50,000 watts stations late at night, particularly WBZ in Boston. I miss the amusing Larry Glick.

CoffeeDog said...

Yeah, I can recall being young and hearing the crackly AM radion stations my folks listened to. Bah is right!