February 24, 2006

Going to the Chapel

We're going to my mom's this weekend. But Friday night, we'll be in scenic Lynchburg, Virginia. A diverse quartet of ladies is converging there to see RMWC's presentation of The Vagina Monologues. A certain senior, a young lady near and dear, is representing the Angry Vagina. Or so I'm told. While I hate to make stereotypical assumptions, odds are good that Wendy and I will not be the token lesbians in the audience at this all-women's college. Even in Virginia. Woot.

Vagina is not a word that comes up often in polite conversation. The mother of the acting Angry Vagina, my friend Tina, is a bit apprehensive. I think it's safe to say the V-word had never passed between us prior to this event. But we both have one, so what's the big deal? I dunno. But it is. Silly me.

The real kicker to this outing, the thing that makes me chuckle inside because I find it ironic, outrageous and fitting all at the same time, is that the performance is being held in the campus chapel.

Wendy and I have never seen The VM. (See? I'm not really even comfortable typing the V-word. I need to grow up and be more like Kristina. She's fine writing such words and oh, oh so many more.) I'm looking forward to the show. Breaking a barrier. Bonding with friends. Girl power and such.

Vagina vagina vagina.
Vagina vagina vagina.
Vagina vagina vagina.

I'm more comfortable already.



cbar said...

Please post and let me know how this is!! I have always wanted to see this!

KMae said...

From one vagina to another:
bleep, blop. pleep. sploosh.
Have a wonderful time!

Slacker said...

The Vagina Monologues is quite widespread, I saw the show in Malmö, sweden, for about a year or two ago. It was nice. But the vagina-chanting part felt a little bit silly. It´s not the word you use very often in swedish either. On the other hand, what word should one use? But have a nice time watching the monologues!

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Being held in the chapel? Ha! That's pretty funny. Don't be surprised to arrive and find the show has been renamed to "The Hoo-ha Monologues".

weese said...

we saw it - it was great.
and now... i say vagina all the TIME.
you know its so easy to slip it into most conversations. (here I will pause...and wait for E to pick up the bait.)

Unknown said...

I've never SEEN the Vagina Monologues, but I have read the book. Not only has it got me saying Vagina more (yes it so deserves the capitalization) but it gave me new respect for the "C" word. I won't say it, because it does offend so much, but the way it's talked about definitely makes me see it from another angle. I hope you two enjoy it a lot.

mackleysmom said...

I watched the Vagina Monologues on HBO a couple years ago, it was a riot!

whispers said...

saw it a year or so ago with my daughter. we laughed, we cried, we gasped, we giggled along with the rest of the wimmin in the audience. I heard something recently about a TG version coming on cable (i think)....now that could be quite an experience. I never had an issue with the word as a body part, but not something I would be talking about with the general public.

i did get a good laugh the other night when someone on Gray's Anatomy revered to her vagina as a Va-jay-jay.

SassyFemme said...

I've yet to see VM, and would have a hard time even saying it aloud to anyone other than Fran!

ROFL that it's being held in a chapel, in Virginia no less! Oh my!