February 2, 2006

It's February 2nd

I know someone who still has their Christmas decorations up.
Yes. Even the tree.

Our rule is everything must be down before the new year begins.
Whatever it takes.

How can that person sleep at night?



whispers said...

i sleep crappy but thats the norm for me.

our tree just came down tonight....earliest we have begun undecorating in years. our rule is christmas has to come down before easter.

we dont begin to decorate until the week before christmas, and yes stay up way into the new year. it brightens up the doldrums of winter....also makes our house easy to find in the dark of winter nights.

this year its coming down early because we are painting the livingroom this weekend.

just another side of marching to my own drummer.

Anonymous said...

The indoor decorations came down Dec 28th (as soon as the extended family left). The outdoor lights are still up, and will continue to twinkle through the winter nights until the spring equinox (or thereabouts).

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

There's a house in my neighborhood who still has their little white wire Christmas tree twinkly things lined up along their walkway. I point and laugh every time I walk by.

cbar said...

The rule in my house is always that it has to stay up past Jan 6th, my sister's borthday and Little Christmas, but has to be down by VAlentine's Day UNLESS it's white lights... they're beautiful all year round. : )

Taradharma said...

New Year's day is our traditional take down time. We don't watch football, so we've got to do something.

Perhaps they leave their tree up just to piss you off....

weese said...

I am with you on this one Suzanne. We would take it down the day after Christmas - but we usually leave it up for our sentimental daughter for a couple days more.
That said - we do get our tree pretty early.

Anonymous said...

we put up our tree on chirstmas eve and usually have it down 1/2 way through january.

Bent Fabric said...

There are folks around here who keep their decorations up ALL year. lol

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Hey.... did you look in my sliding glass doors again :).

We put up the tree on 12-23 (when we figured out we couldn't buy a natural tree....)

We started debate travel on New Year's Eve -- and have only been home one weekend since -- my next weekend off is the end of February, maybe I'll spend it putting away the tree.... or, maybe not.

I'm glad to know I'm not alone---

Career Guy said...

Our stuff comes down on New Year's Day. I used to take our daughter to music lessons at this crazy house about 45 minutes away. I'd sit and wait for her in their family room where their Christmas tree would be up in May. You could watch the needles drop every week until it looked like a brown skeleton of a Charlie Brown tree. They were eccentric artsy fartsy people though, who evidently had better things to do with their genius than perform such humdrum tasks as storing Christmas decorations.

Suzanne said...

Eh, to each their own of course.

It doesn't "piss me off," taradharma, I just couldn't do it myself.

Thanks for the perspectives, all.


Katie said...

We saw a scarecrow last week, and that's gotta be worse than Christmas decor.