February 20, 2006

It's a Word Thing

I'm a bit late to the blogging bandwagon of the Johari window. But here it is, the Johari window of this Suburban Lesbian.

The concept is simple enough. Presented with a chart of descriptive words, I chose a handful of those I feel best describe me. Now it's up to you to do the same. Then we get to compare and contrast: who has the same perception of my personal qualities that I do? Or better yet, do you see something I do not?

The interesting part to me and why I'm asking you to play along, is that most of you know me exclusively through this blog. I am curious how much of what I consider the Real Me comes through.

So humor me please.
Click and pick.
It'll only take a minute or two.
No registration required.

Tip o'the hat to Jennifer and Cris, who almost simultaneously introduced me to this activity. Yeah baby. I hope it was good for you two, too.



Geeky Dragon Girl said...

That was a nice little exercise. Very interesting and kinda fun, yet simple. Thanks for sharing!

tiff said...

Oooh, I see there's "darker Johari window" option. That might be some kind of fun too!

tiff said...

I totally ripped this off for my blog after I filled in yours. :>

Anonymous said...

You don't have 'mocker' and 'prevaricator' on the list. Definite oversite on the part of Monsoor McHari.

Some people actually think you're mature.

weese said...

hmm... i am trying to play - but I am not getting anywhere on the link.
perhaps i need to make up my own words :)

Suzanne said...

tiff, that darker window scared me! I'm not brave enough to toss that one out here. Glad you ripped it off. Obviously I did it too! That's what makes the blogging universe so much fun.

eb, the "mocker" and "prevaricator" qualities probably appear in that dark window that scared me. And my maturity is legendary! Legendary I say! You're just jealous.

weese, if at first you don't succeed, try try again. :)

Thanks for playing along y'all.