February 10, 2006

Heading South

Our weather forecast finally has a hint of snow in it. So what do we do? Do we do what we've been wanting to do since winter began? Do we hang around and wait with bated breath for the fluffy flakes to arrive? Do we anticipate with great joy staying snuggled in our living room with our pups and a roaring fire in the fireplace? Do we inspect our snowshovels to ensure they are ready for their first use this season?

Oh no no no. Not this time. Instead we'll get in the car and head south. It's show time for The Boy again.

He is appearing as Officer Lockstock in Urinetown, a musical comedy. Urinetown. Who came up with such a name? It's the first musical in which he has performed that the music will be unfamiliar to us. He burned us a CD over Christmas, but it promptly got scratched. One of life's mysteries.

With song titles like "It's a Privilege to Pee," I sense the humor will appeal to me.

Has anyone reading ever seen the show? For that matter, how many of you enjoy and attend live theatre?

We'll be back before the snow melts. Hopefully.
Maybe we'll even get to shovel!



Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Not even in a classroom full of the most incontinent little boys could I have imagined play with a name like that.

Eyes for Lies said...

Haven't heard of that musical. But I am not versed in musicals at all. Not my preference.

Hope you have a great trip! Be safe :)

Val said...

Yes, I do enjoy live theatre, in NYC, but have not seen this musical. My parents (avid theatre goers, bless them!) have and really didn't like it... but not sure if it was an age issue or not!

I'll look forward to hearing your impressions (of course it goes without saying that you will love it cuz of your boy being in it, but perhaps you'll be able to be somewhat unbiased enough to evaluate the show itself, as well!)
Have fun!

Gina said...

Am late with this, but my parents saw it and disliked it intensely! They attend the theater a lot, if that means anything.

I like theater of all kinds, musicals and plays. But, I haven't been to nearly as many as I have wanted to.

Denyse said...

Haven't seen that play but friends in Toronto saw Urinetown and liked it.
Alas, your hint of snow forcast will become a full force nor'easter blizzard for us in Nova Scotia. Hunkered down with our pup by the fire we shall be.

Anonymous said...

Saw Urinetown in San Francisco two summers ago and found it very amusing. Not big on musicals, but really enjoyed it-- my interest was piqued by the title and the fact that it had won a Tony. My favorite song from the show "Don't be the Bunny."-- jk