February 15, 2005


Turns out laying around in bed is more difficult than driving.

Who knew?

I'm a serious multi-tasker while driving. Back in the day, I could smoke a cigarette, drink a cup of coffee, change lanes, talk on the cell phone, change the radio station, balance my checkbook, tie my shoes, shift gears and steer, all while avoiding running off the road or into the unsuspecting driver ahead behind or next to me.

I don't do all that anymore, seeing as I don't smoke and my transmission is an automatic.

Imagine my surprise when I recently found it was only possible for me to do two of the following three things simultaneously.
  1. Read a book.
  2. Lay in bed.
  3. Eat Chinese food.
I wanted to do all three. But no go. Instead I had to mix and match by twos. Trying to do all three meant not really enjoying any of them.

If I'd been driving, I'll bet I could have it pulled off.


1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Bet you can lay in bed, read a book and drink beer at the same time. If I can do it...so can you. I can think of few other things I can do in bed but I'll spare you.