February 10, 2005

"Self," I said.

"Self? Get a grip already, will you?"

Last night on the way home from work I popped into Petco. Breakfast had emptied our dog food bin which would just not do. Would not do at all. Our puppers expect to eat twice a day. They count on it. Deserve it. Good dogs they are.

I pulled into a parking spot and a bright yellow VW bug whipped in to the open spot next to me. A blonde girl got out and entered the store.

The girl looked familiar. More specifically, the car and the girl together looked familiar. I was pretty sure it was one of The Boy's friends from high school. I wondered about this particular girl being at home this particular time of year. I couldn't remember where she'd gone away to school but I knew she'd gone away.

I hefted the 40 pound bag of dog chow into my cart then checked the price on the canned cat food (too pricy, I was hoping for a sale). Somehow several bags of dog treats of various types ended up in my cart. I don't know how that happens. But it does. Good dogs they are.

The familiar girl got in line behind me. She had both arms wrapped around a large bale of hamster bedding. I turned to look at her. I knew if I didn't say something I would kick myself later. So I did. I said "Is your name L**?"

She smiled and nodded, as if she had been expecting me to speak. "You are *insert The Boy's name here*'s mom, aren't you?"

My turn to smile and nod.

We exchanged pleasantries. She asked about The Boy. I asked about her. She said she was home from college this semester because her mother is sick. Yikes. I said appropriate things. I promised to say hello to The Boy for her this weekend when we see him. (Yes yes! Road trip ahead! But that's another story.) We said goodbye.

I left feeling disconcerted.

See, it's been a long time since anyone has referred to me that way. As The Boy's mom. And it used to be such a huge part of my identity.

That's when I said "Self? Get a grip already, will you?"
Because that was then, this is now.
And it's all good.


Jack the blogger said...

40 lbs. of dog food! At least you won't have to go to the gym. Have fun on the trip and tell us all about it when you get back. BTW is The Boy still acting? Another play soon?

weese said...

How long has that handsome lad been gone now.
I am living vicariously through you. We still have senior year to survive.

Suzanne said...

Weese, The Boy has been gone since August 2003 and hasn't been home for a visit longer than two weeks since. But not because he doesn't like coming home. :)

Don't let that senior year slip by without absorbing every moment. It is an eventful, hectic time. I envy you.


Suzanne said...

Jack, funny you should mention it. This trip is to go see him in another musical, Jane Eyre. :)