February 6, 2005

'Tis the Season

Yes it is. It certainly is the season. The season for handwashing. Regularly. Religiously. Fanatically even. Much more often than handwashing is usually required.

It's Germville out there in the big wide world. With a capital "G". Everywhere I go, people are blowing snot and/or trying to hack up a lung, sometimes simultaneously. One of my favorite bosses, bless his heart, announced his diarrhea, which he had determined was the final stage of his recent illness.

Like I really needed to know that. But hey, he's a great guy. I have compassion by the bucket for a person like him. Truly. But did I really need to know? Naw. I did, however, go wash my hands.

I've become enamoured with those liquid soaps in the decorative little pumper units. I especially adore the ones with tiny dissolving beads. Antibacterial! Deep cleansing! With Vitamins B5 and E! And oh they smell so good! Who knew the scent Cucumber Melon would tantalize the senses in such a fabulous manner?

Wash up.
Yeah, you.
Do it now.

Clean hands rule.


Mel said...

I'm about one handwashing away from OCD. ;)

weese said...

ran off to wash my hands first.
just want to post...and let you know how clean they are.

Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

I had *eight* absences in my 10:30 class this morning, and all emailed me ahead of time with news of their illness.

I don't usually use anti-bacterial stuff since I don't like to kill the good bugs with the bad, but lately, I am all about it.

Our grocery store put a little disinfectant station next to the carts.

Wash away, woman!

Eyes said...

Most times I am out shopping in Winter, I whip out the killer hand-gel that kills everything. I don't want those nasty germs either. Yuck :)

Be well!

I Am The Walrus said...

Why didn't I read this before I got this damn cold?