February 1, 2005

Sights & Sounds

Today as I rode across the Potomac into DC, the river was frozen into a patchwork of ice floes of varying sizes in shades of gray to white. The Jefferson Memorial wore a white toupee of snow perched on the crown of its smooth ever-bald pate.

The escalators at the McPherson Square Metro station were making eerie sounds. Sounds like one may hear in a television special about whales communicating underwater. I found it oddly comforting.

I do so love winter.


Jennifer said...

I was born in DC. Everytime I get within 20 miles of the city, my heart starts racing, my palms get sweaty, and I feel electric.

I envy you your daily backdrop. What a beautiful place.

Jack the blogger said...

Have you recieved a confirmation of your prize yet? If not I may have to kick someone's ass. If so please mention it on the Quack. Thanks,
P.S. As a card-carrying Libertarian I adore T.J.

Pisces75 said...

I think it is so cool you get to "commute" to such a historical place. To see those sights just on your way to work sounds so nice.
Better than driving on Interstates and looking at cornfields and barns(sigh). Thanks for the fabulous description.

Carolyn said...
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Carolyn said...

[damn..wondered what that lil trash can icon would do. didn't even let me confirm....ok, here we go agin..]

i love dc. when i leave my home in fort worth, it will only be for my home in dc. your blog is what got me into this venue. thank you - keep up the good work.... http://weeknights.blogspot.com