February 18, 2005

"Good for the body is the work of the body.
Good for the soul is the work of the soul.
Good for either is the work of the other."

Does anyone know the origin of this quote? A friend, the one I heard it from, opined it might be Thoreau, but she didn't know for sure. I've tried to find the source myself but evidently I'm not very good at researching such things. Suggestions welcome.



Anonymous said...

I had to sign up for a blogger account to leave this so I hope you really wanted to know.

Henry David Throeau. (probably spelled incorrectly)

Mr. Math said...

hey there I had no clue but I like it. I just thought I'd drop by long time no see.

Jennefer said...

Although I can't help with the origins of the quote, I did want to say I was happy to find more of us blogging. Come by and visit sometime!

Elizabeth said...

If you do an advance search on google and plug in the first line in the 'exact phrase' box thingy you'll get various quote pages where you can find the author. Indeed it was that famous ant watcher dude.

Elizabeth said...

PS - that girl, this is not the right place to come to if your going spel things incorectly. I'm not quit sure what the punishmant is...perhaps you will be banished to Cansas.