February 20, 2005

Identification Requirement

I've bemoaned looking my age even when down deep I'm okay with how I look. Well. Mostly okay. But I'm not going into that here. Not again. Not now anyway. Okay, maybe never. Don't bother to hide your relief.

We've given up smoking cigarettes, but I have not yet given up on keeping nicotine gum on hand. I keep an emergency stash of the stuff (along with other essentials like Advil, daytime sinus pills, feminine hygiene products, Chapstick, Rolaids and breath mints) in a bag in my purse.

I had but one piece of nicotine gum left. I don't like to run out of things I may want. For at least a little while longer, nicotine gum falls into that category. Along with beer. And firewood. And coffee. And clean underwear. I popped into the Rite Aid to replenish my stash of gum.

I also grabbed a case of cheap beer and a few other items (which need not be detailed as they add nothing to this tale). The cashier began ringing up my items, starting with the beer, but she stopped when she got to the nicotine gum. She held up the box and said "I'll need to see your ID for this."

Hmmm. She feels I'm old enough to buy beer (age 21) but she needs to check to see if I am old enough to buy nicotine gum (age 18).

Alrighty then.



Mel said...

That is funny! You are so well-prepared, too! I'm impressed.

Nickie said...

I get the same thing. I'm twenty-six. They'll let me buy beer but I get carded going into R rated movies. The hell?

Udge said...

Do you really look 24 years younger than the age in your profile? Wow. That is actually quite disturbing, somehow. Doesn't change the fact that the cashier was a dolt.

Life's Laundry said...

So did that make you feel good? or did that help you realize that some people don't have much sense.

BTW - my hubby smoked for 35 years (sometimes as much as 2.5 packs/day) and when we started dating, I told him the smokes or me. He chose me but not without a lot of withdrawel. He used the gum and still tells others how much it helped him. I wish you luck and perseverence with kicking the habit - it really is a NASTY addiction to kick.

Elizabeth said...

The one that gets me is if I'm going to a club or bar and the person at the door asks, 'Can I see your ID, ma'am.'

Kitty said...

The last time I went to the health food store, the young clerk looked at my driver's license and said, "Wow, you look great for your age!" I wasn't sure whether to be pleased or put out, but I decided that it was probably a pretty good compliment in that context.

Linda Rae said...

That's funny. I get carded all the time and it's weird everytime! (I am almost thirty!)

weese said...

aha hahahaha ha
good chuckle