February 16, 2005

That Time of Year

It's here.
It's that time.
That time of the year.

We had been doing so well.
Not snacking.
Then around rolls this time.
This time of the year.
This time of the year when Girl Scout cookies are delivered.
Does it happen in your house too?

Wendy buys Girl Scout cookies from mothers. I buy Girl Scout cookies from fathers. Such are the demographics of our respective places of employment.

We don't coordinate our purchases. We just order what we like. We have overlaps in favorites but other selections are more individually tailored.

One of the order sheets this year had a special column. (Yes, that's right. I order cookies from more than one father. Can't be helped, no it cannot.) The special column was for purchasing cookies, type unspecified, to send to the American soldiers in Iraq.

If I wasn't such a greedy Girl Scout cookie loving piglet, I would have sent them all the boxes I purchased. But I am, so I didn't send them all. Just half. Seemed a good compromise at the time. Now I know better. We cannot, absolutely cannot, eat all of these cookies. Anyone out there in need of cookies?

There's this box of Samoas sitting here taunting me. My Samoas speak with a deep throaty voice and they laugh alot.

Something tells me I'll get the last laugh.
Silly cookies.



Eyes for Lies said...

I used to enjoy eating those. Sadly, I can't now. The sulfites... Lucky dog!! Enjoy them for me too :)

Jack the blogger said...

One thing I know for sure is that the Samoas cannot be defeated under any circumstance. Yes I bought a box and it says "eat me, eat me" not in a good way.

Unknown said...

I am so jealous. I missed out on the ordering this year so no Samoas or Thin Mints for me. *poutage*

Anonymous said...

We got our Girl Scout cookies a month ago. They're already clinging securely to my thighs.

whispers said...

as a 30+year GS, cookies are part of life. the only ones i cant live without are thin mints. cookie companies have varied, changes have taken place over the years but there is only one thin mint in the world that tastes right....
i buy from everyone at work who puts out a sheet. the first gets a bigger order, the rest get one box per. Back in the days when Scouts walked the neighborhoods selling door to door, i bought from any girl who came to my door...one box, and more from the kids i knew.
the work boxes will stay at work...my co-workers enjoy my matronage of the cause and the cookies. the rest go directly into the freezer. except the first box...thats just pure pleasure.
frozen thin mints are pretty good too :) one sleeve at a time.

Gina said...

Oh, of course you offer them after I started exercising again! I always have the worst timing.