May 1, 2006

Hooray, hooray!
The 1st of May!

Oh yes, we all know what that means.
It was a great day for it, too.

While I was gone last week, the leaves on the trees filled out. Our neighbor's houses have once again receded behind a screen of green.

Today was dubbed The Day the Immigrants Stayed Home. It was a bit like stepping into the twilight zone at Chipotle: nothing but white middle-aged males fabricating corporate food bricks. Something about that place keeps me going back. I used to think it was the cute Latina burrito-builder with the sparkling green eyes. She always gave me an extra dollop of sour cream. Or was I only imagining that?

I appreciate the multicultural environment of America. I also appreciate people who work within the laws of our country. Can it be as simple as that? Evidently not.

Nothing's fucking simple right now. My spirited "hooray for May!" fractures into a prism of bright colors with multiple sparks. See once I survive May, it'll be June. And June holds the potential for normalcy. It may well become my new favorite month.

Normalcy, overrated as it may be, is something I currently crave more than my usual Monday burrito. Hope you enjoyed something good for lunch today.



Gina said...

Even though really, Chipotle is gringo mexican, I find myself liking their carnitas burritos.

I had crappy fried chicken at Disneyland, so I'm a little bitter at paying ten bucks for it.

weese said... had lunch at DisneyLand and you are complaining? hmmm.
I had salad at my desk.
it was tasty.

Eyes said...

I had a ham sandwich for lunch. But it is NOT an ordinary ham sandwich for me. As a sulfite intolerant person, I can't eat 99.9% of the ham out there.

This weekend we drove 60 miles to a shop where I can eat the ham, and nearly everything else! So my ham sandwich and my bowl of cereal were SPECIAL albeit they won't last very long because I will eat them up quickly. But it was a TREAT nonetheless!

tiff said...

Lunch yesterday? No time, what with all the celebrating! :>

Actually, it was a PB&J eaten at my desk. Sigh.

Deborah said...

I was treated to stringy dry chicken and chilled potato bricks posing as fries all served up with a side of surly and a big gulp of rude. I knew better but I did it anyway. I'm writing 100 times...stay with your program. stay with your program (+ 98)

Gena said...

Chipotle vegetarian burritos are my crack. If I am even a mile away from a Chipotle, I will walk there, with pretty little thoughts of burritos filling my head all the way.

I have nothing really to say. Just happy this addiction is not only my own!

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Something good for lunch today? Well I brought the leftovers from my "stinky chicken" episode the other night. :)