May 12, 2006


We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a semi-spontaneous moment of maternal idolization: I adore The Boy.

That is all.



WenWhit said...

Yet another of our commonalities, Darlin.

Elizabeth said...

Clockwise from top left:

1. Dude, sorry to hear you got fired, man.

2. (whispering) Did you really tell your boss he's a dickwad and his daughter is a fucking bad lay?

3. (whispering a little louder) omigod, you did!

4. Now, do you really think you should be burning your bridges like that?

5. So what did he do after you told him?

6. Seriously? He tried to poke you in the eyes like Moe does to Curly?

7. Shit. That's just weird.

8. I admire you for being able to get out of that situation because...

9. He really is a dickwad.

tiff said...

Well, of COURSE you do!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Gina said...

Nice pics for the casting agents!

WordsRock said...

eb, my baby boy would never use such language! Shame on you.

Gina, those pics are some of his "rejects." But I like 'em anyway. :)


Eyes said...

Photo number 5 is my favorite. He is handsome. I can't imagine the heart-throbbing he causes the general population!!!

weese said...

yeah, he's a looker.

Elizabeth said...

Of course he wouldn't. Whatever was I thinking? I'm sure he's...

...a very gentle man,
even tempered and good natured
who you never hear complain,
Who has the milk of human kindness
by the quart in every vein,
A patient man is he, down to his fingertips,
the sort who never could, ever would,
let an insulting remark

I just thought since he lived with a rule-breakin', rebel mama...

WenWhit said...

And I was thinking The Boy would choose a more eclectic (and likely more offensive) word than "dickwad." After all, he does have quite the expansive vocabulary!

trisha said...


Just wow.

Elizabeth said...


the boy didn't choose the word 'dickwad'! His friend who was fired did. Read it again. The only really bad word the boy says is 'shit' (#7). Everything else is just a reiteration of fired friend.

Little baby Jesus! Do I have to deconstruct everything?

Y'all need to lay off the Bud Ice.

KMae said...

He is B E A U T I F U L !!!

Jennifer said...


He's gorgeous. Sincerely so.

Anonymous said...

Liz here from I Speak of Dreams. #8 wins--the "come hither" look. Those were the rejects?!

Happy Mother's Day, friend. I am sure his heart is as lovely as his face.

NursePam said...

Oh my! He is quite lovely. No wonder you are so righteously in love with him. Happy Mother's Day!

Bent Fabric said...

He's yummy!