May 31, 2006

A Whole New World

We sleep on a seventeen-year-old mattress.
True comfort has been lacking for a long while.

Monday we shopped for, and purchased, a new one.
It'll be delivered Thursday.

I may never get out of bed again.



nina said...

oh the joy of a comfortable bed! I went out last year and spent too much on a feather bed and down comforter, duvet cover...when I was finished it was a magazine cover I tell you... I find it a cruel twist of fate that I haven't slept in the dang thing for almost a year.

Don't let it be forgot, That once there was a spot, For one brief shining moment, That was known as Camelot! -King Arthur-

Middle Girl said...

Ooh yeah, I'm remembering with sweet and delicious pleasure. Enjoy!

Teresa said...

Mmmm. My partner and I put off buying a mattress for too long while we wrestled over our differing support needs. We finally bought a Select Comfort and now rest peacefully side by side, I on my wood plank and she in her hammock.

weese said...

hmm, ours is 10...maybe more. i know you are supposed to replace them after about 10 years.
sheesh...just add that to the long list of things which need to be replaced.

Sam said...

Congrats! What brand did you get? Sean and I are waiting to get a new, king sized bed after the moola rolls in from the wedding.

Eyes for Lies said...

Here is hoping you have many a happy night!

We just purchased a new one too, after 15 years. Sad to say, I don't like it. I wake up more sore than ever! The 15 year warranty we got is useless! Never again.

BTW -- are you a belly sleeper or back sleeper? I never realized it before but if you are a belly sleeper -- you want a stiff mattress - or your back will bend backwards! I got a stiff one -- but perhaps too stiff :)

Deb Heller said...

Ahhhhhh, a new mattress. I love our new mattress. Cost a pretty penny, though. Why does a good mattress cost so durn much?

Worth it, though, to get up an not have your back hurtin'.


trisha said...

You should sell me the 17 y.o. mattress. It's newer than mine!

Congratulations! I am happy for you both!

Suzanne said...

Sam, it's a Stearns & Foster. With a pillowtop.

Eyes, I'm a side and Wendy is a stomach. The place we purchased it from has a 60-day return for exchange if you don't like it policy. Hope we don't need it.

trisha, girl. I'd be happy to give it to you but it's beat to hell, more than used up. Plus lord knows what you'd catch from it... lol.

I can't wait for bedtime tonight!

Kevin Charnas said...

I think that because an old and eventually bad mattress creeps up on us over time, we don't really realize how bad it gets. So, ENJOY! and just write to us from bed.

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

And if YOU never get out of bed again, imagine how long it will be before Dudley and Pix are finished lounging.