February 8, 2006

Sports Void

We've arrived again.
Arrived at that time of the year.
That time of the year with no football and no baseball.

Damn I wish we enjoyed basketball.
*heavy, deep, long drawn-out dramatic sigh*

No, the upcoming Winter Olympics and that World Baseball Classic, while potentially entertaining, don't count. They're not what I want.

I'm cranky.
Just leave me alone to pout.



WenWhit said...

Would it help if I told you I received a "It's time for Fantasy Baseball!" email this morning?


cbar said...

AWWW!! I wish you could enjoy basketball too! That would have made you my perfect blogger friend! : )

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

If we could get some of the basketball players to occasionally punt the ball instead of slam dunking, would that cheer you up a bit? I'll start working on it...

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, baby.

At least I've got NASCAR in a coupla weeks. :-)

whispers said...

try espn expanded cable channels.
there always seems to be some kind of football on...(and not the euro meaning of football) and then there is always aussie rules.

Val said...

you MUST get into women's college basketball! It's part of the lesbian sports fan package!!!

I, too, am a baseball (Yankees) fan but c'mon, let's not rush March Madness, k?!

Deb Heller said...

I'm with you babe! Love football. Love baseball. Never really liked basketball, except in the 80's during the Laker/Celtic match-ups. Now those got my attention, for some reason.


Can't wait for Spring Training!

Melodee said...

There, there, dear. Time passes all too quickly!