September 14, 2006

The Calendar Says Thursday...

... but it feels like Friday because we're taking a three-day weekend. It's time for our fourth and final Family Weekend at The Boy's college.

Our car will be packed with a bunch of crap vital things that (a) he forgot to take with him, (b) couldn't fit in his roommate's automobile, and/or (c) I haven't already shipped to him.

I will be forever grateful to his roommate, let's call him C, who has provided transportation for The Boy both home and back to school many times through the years.

Yes, C has a car. The Boy does not, despite the deal I made with him when he was just a kid. I'd read an article about how most smokers get hooked while in their teens. If kids don't smoke before they hit age 21, odds are they never will. Made sense to me. "Son," I said to him, "I have a proposition. If you don't smoke cigarettes before you turn 21, I'll buy you a car."

Considering my own history with cigarettes, I felt the bribe a worthy investment.

He upheld his end of the bargain. As his 21st birthday approached, I contemplated how best to uphold my end. But he shocked me by letting me off the hook. His explanation: our family resources could be better used in other ways, and, while a car would be convenient, he didn't really need one and most likely won't for some years to come. It just wasn't practical.

Alrighty then.

Graduation looms on the not-too-distant horizon. His post-graduation plans do not require an automobile. Yes yes, I'm doing a happy parent dance as I type that. Not because he won't need an automobile, but because he has crafted future plans. Music to any parent's ear, yes?

Pixie will be glad the life-sized replica of Soldier Boy, a souvenir from The Boy's summer role in Sunday in the Park with George, is leaving. It really freaks her out. I'll admit it can be a bit alarming caught in the corner of my eye as I enter the room, an unexpected presence bearing a remarkable, if imperfect, similarity to The Boy.

Peace out, folks.
Enjoy your weekend.



Middle Girl said...

Safe journey to and fro.

Melodee said...

I cannot even believe this is his last year. Can you?

Anonymous said...

A smart and considerate lad you've raised, there!

Sounds like his mama's good sense rubbed off on 'im.


Val said...

Have fun - drive safe.

portuguesa nova said...

This kid of yours...has he always been like this? I have one on the way and I'm aiming for this sort of behavior. Does he do any freelance consulting work with newborns?

weese said...

I do so like that kid.

Teresa said...

Wow, you owe him a car under the terms of a contract he's fulfilled and yet he's not demanding his due. What is this curious new strain of superboy you've birthed?

Gina said...

Have a wonderful time!

And what a good son!

SassyFemme said...

Have a fabulous time! What an amazing young man to turn down a car in favor of better ways to spend family finances.

Career Guy said...

We bought or gave cars to both our boys. One drove his into the ground, the other had it fall apart around him. Your Boy is pretty darn smart.