September 7, 2006

I'm Not a Rock, But I Play One on TV

We took a walk along the Potomac River this evening. Yes, the same Potomac River where scientists recently announced discovery of an abundance of intersex fish. Bass, to be specific. Both wide and small mouth. What are we doing to our world?

While driving to work this morning, I became aware of my brain processing subjects at lightning speed. Thoughts bouncing from place to place, worry to worry, person to person, non-stop, high speed. I cranked up the CD to a volume certain to block out the rest of the world. It worked. But ever since, I've been intermittently bursting into song.
"Freedom, run away!"

What's worse, I wonder. Racing thoughts or spontaneous showtunes?

My office, especially of late, is a fascinating blend of male egos colliding. But I'm finding it more frustrating than fascinating. Well. Frustrating is not the right word. Maddening is more like it.

"I'm simply layin' out the facts for you ...
Ain't no time to relax for you..."

For some reason, I'm a magnet. Necessary business reasons aside, people talk to me about things. They confide their feelings. What is up with that?

My own feelings--which aren't all bad--take a backseat while I'm in the office. There is fear in the air there. Unrest. Upheaval. Fear of the unknown. Fear of change. But change has arrived in all its glory. Their fear will dissipate eventually. Change is here to stay.

"That freedom sun will shine someday..."

Meanwhile, I've got control of the volume and a river to walk beside with my girl and our dogs. What more can a woman possibly need?

"Run, freedom, run!"



Middle Girl said...

Unrest. Upheaval.Oh my, what a jolt to memory cache..

Two girls, two dogs, one river-peace
what more indeed.

Gina said...

Maybe just throw in some good food and you're done.

sporksforall said...

It seem to me that all those egos are best let go in the river. The dogs seem to be having fun, as do the shadow women.

k. said...

dogs just make everything better, don't they?

WenWhit said...

I like Gina's suggestion about food. Something salty, perhaps?

You are a magnet, m'dear - for a lot of things. *weg*

weese said...

a magnetic rock shadow walking along a river being pulled by eager canines.

Deb said...

This post was brilliant! LOVED IT!

That picture---did you take that shot? It's gorgeous. Nothing better than taking a stroll along a river with your pups and the love of your life.

Enjoy your weekend!

Pisces75 said...

I say having a song stuck in your head is much better than stressing about other topics you may be quickly thinking of.

Teresa said...

My own office having gone through a fair amount of upheaval this year, I think I can honestly say that the negative energy of coworkers who fear change of any sort is far more off-putting than the changes themselves. But you can get back to me on that if I'm let go "to pursue other interests."