September 4, 2006

Life Is a Game of Pick Up Sticks


I'm feeling better.

Oh. What? You didn't know I was feeling bad?
That's because I wasn't.
But then I fell down the stairs.

Dogs enjoy human bodies crumpled on the floor. Something about it excites them. They mill around and trample on the body, poking with their cold noses and tickling with their whiskers. They greatly prefer when the body is moaning.

I'm glad I could amuse them.

What does the title of this post have to do with me falling down the stairs? Nothing. It's completely unrelated. But the storm that blew through here Friday left a mess in our yard. I spent the majority of the weekend bent over picking up sticks.

I did leave one where it fell. I've entitled it "Stuck Stick". Kinda looks like a lightning bolt if you use your imagination.

Yes yes. I'm as easily amused as our dogs seem to be. Are you?



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your falling down the stairs! I hope you're feeling better.

Val said...

Hate when that happens... but then again, it IS all about amusing the animals, isn't it?!!!
They do have such a boring and simple life, human bodies cascading down the stairs really are the stuff of primetime entertainment! It's just unfortunate that this type of entertainment, if done wrong, could leave them orphans - they just don't understand that.
Be careful - you're expected to do something like this in another few months!

Middle Girl said...

Bummer, glad you're feeling better though.

WenWhit said...

Of course, when I finally motivated to help with the stick-clearing, I came across the Stuck Stick. My first thought was, "Bet that's been left intentionally for the photo op!" Ah, the life of a blogger.

And Darlin; - there are so many easier ways to amuse the dawgs. Cuidado!

Gina said...

Uh-oh, is it time to start wearing those little sockies with the non-slip pads on the soles?

Although I am laughing picturing the dogs, yes, they love crumpled human bodies on the floor, and they care not so much how they got there! ;)

weese said...

you fell down the stairs?
i am assuming from your wit (or should i say whit) that you are ok?

Suzanne said...

Yeah, I'm fine. Just a bit bruised and scraped. We have two short flights of stairs, so I only fell down five steps. :)

Wendy watched the whole thing. She says I wasn't graceful, but I'm choosing not to believe her.

WenWhit said...

"Wendy watched the whole thing..." It was damned fast and damned frightening, but I'm pretty sure I did something other than just "watch." Well, hell, at least I didn't "squeal" this time.

nina michelle said...

I am glad it was just bumps and bruises. I am glad you are feeling better!

Vanda said...

I'm glad you didn't break any bones. If you took that stick to the Tate Modern you'd be paid thousands!

Teresa said...

Yeah, it does sound a bit like Wendy stood at the top of the stairs, her arms casually crossed, with an amused grin and smiling eyes, as she watched you tumble heels over head down the stairs. "Haw haw haw," she laughed. Wendy's totally like that.

Did you happen to notice whether the stuck stick said "Zeus wuz here" or similar?

sporksforall said...

Why do dogs like fallen humans? When Scout uses her back balls (like little yoga balls), Biscuit is so deeply intrigued that she has to be put on a leash.

Hope you're feeling better. Remind me to fall when Wendy's not around. I don't need an audience. ;)

Teresa said...

To clarify, it's Biscuit, not I, who must be leashed when I use my little yoga balls.