September 19, 2006

Puppy Tuck, Suburban Style

I've always been susceptible to guilt. The source of such susceptibility is a mystery to me. Is it just human nature? Depends on which human, I guess.

Our dog Pixie plays that particular weakness of mine. She is usually rather subtle in her own non-subtle way. This morning, she notched her efforts up and left subtlety in the dust.

Wendy always leaves for work before I'm fully awake. The pups don't mind her departure as much as they do mine. They come on back to bed and snuggle with me, encouraging me to stay there instead of getting up and being a productive member of society.

Three days a week I work my nine-to-five. I leave home at 8:35. (I should leave at 8:25 but time flies faster in the morning. What is up with that?) We all gather in the kitchen just prior to my departure. There, we chat briefly they listen intently as I babble. I dispense a tasty, longer-lasting chew-type treat for them to enjoy while we are off selling our souls earning an honest living. I say goodbye in my talking-to-the-doggies voice, "Pika pika choo choo chow chow chow!" (Don't ask why I say that or what it means. I have no answers.)

Dudley always happily snatches his bone (I call all those things bones, even if they aren't remotely bonelike at all) and rushes off to settle on the couch.

Pixie, on the other hand, turns into Little Miss Coy. She sniffs the bone. She sits and stares pitifully at me like she recognizes that treat to be the bribe it truly is and wants no part of it. I sweetly encourage. She turns her nose up and, leaving the bone behind, slinks off to the dog bed in the living room. I toss the bone on her bed and depart, knowing full well she'll scarf it up as soon as I'm out of sight.

Yeah. She sure shows me who's boss.

This morning she didn't run off and pout. She shimmied shyly over until she was right next to my foot and she tucked my calf! Ah that shameless little vixen! Playing the Tuck Card when she damn well knew I was late for work!

Eh, what's a few more minutes when I'm already late?
It's a small sacrifice for a puppy tuck.



Syd said...

I love that you treat your pets much the same as we do. (like we're totally whipped)

And the silly talk...don't suppose you add a little dance to that...not that *I* would know anything about that.

SassyFemme said...

Oh I just love it! Molly always has this poor pitiful pearl look about her as we're getting ready to leave and Sassy walks us to the door.

Any chance you also tell the kids which one is in charge (the cat in our house), and which one is one guard dog duty, and to take care of the house?

Syd, I'd pay money to see that dance!

weese said...

you are so well trained.
and learning new tricks!

Anonymous said...

I believe it is your responsibility to take early retirement (real early, as I know you're far, far, far from retirement) and stay at home with those puppies! They need you!

As for me, I make announcements of who is in charge but I do it in singy-songy baby talk. Guard duty responsibilities alternate between the dog and the parrot, but occasionally one of the cats makes it known she/he would enjoy the challenge. If I am gone a particularly long time, I usually make a stop at the pet store for a new toy and some treats. Guilt is a costly thing.

If it is raining, all bets are off. Doggies afraid of thunderstorms NEED to be comforted, even if that means missing appointments.

sporksforall said...

Biscuit and I have what I call to myself, "face time" where I feed here and then we get face to face for a few minutes before I leave. She could make me feel terrible, I'm glad she doesn't. Sigh. I heart dogs.

Eyes for Lies said...

My dogs give me that guilt BIG TIME. One of them puts her ears and tail down when I get dressed in my "go out" clothes. By the time I am nearing the door, if I pet her, she nips me ever so gently in a plea to stay. Then she gives me the saddest eyes ever. THEY KILL! My other guy waits until the door closes and then sings a chorus so loud that the neighbors two houses away can hear it -- even when all my doors and windows are shut.

The power of pooches!

KMae said...

SO cute!

Gina said...

All right, quit it cuz you're making me want a dog.

I want to hear about dog barf, fleas, and stinky poop. Then the feeling will go away instantly.

Career Guy said...

Imagine a 100 pound dog with diarrhea. In the house. All day alone. Did that do it?

Unknown said...

What a lttle doll! How adorable! It's so hard to leave when you're feelin so much love from the little ones!