September 9, 2006

Simple Snare

I used to think I was über-cool.
Yes, yes, it's true.
I still do. Mostly.

My favorite midnight snack?

But a girl has to believe in something.
Might as well be herself.

I take great pleasure and pride in my ability to raise one eyebrow independent of the other. My left eyebrow. My quirkable left eyebrow exudes cool, indeed it does. It puts me in a different class, a class above those persons less eyebrow-rific. You know who you are.

On my first face-to-face date with Wendy, there was plenty of conversation. Comfortable conversation. Getting-to-know-you conversation. First date conversation.

Something she said caused me to raise my eyebrow.
Yes yes, that quirkable left eyebrow in which I take such pride.
I flexed that puppy for all it was worth.

And that's when it happened.

Wendy mirrored my raised eyebrow with her own, then, in response to what was most likely a stunned amazed dumbfounded outraged appreciative confused incredulous look on my face, proceeded to waggle both eyebrows at me. One up. The other down. Rapidly reverse and repeat.

And that, my friends, is all it took.
It was like a switch flipped in the cosmos.
As simple as that.
My heart was hers.

I told her later. Much later.
But she still doesn't believe it.
Not about my heart being hers, but about when I knew.
I'm telling it true, though.

My girl, she's a class above.



Middle Girl said...

It really can be like...magic?


Happy day to the both of you.

Teresa said...

So, you discovered her superpower on your very first date? That's impressive. How long did it take to discover her kryptonite?

Y'all are too cute for words.

sporksforall said...

You are cute, no question.

My eyebrows do nothing. They just sit there on my face and move together. Oh well.

nina michelle said...

I can do that with my right eyebrow only...wonder what significance this is?

I would have given anything to have seen that exchange between you two. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice. Thanks for sharing thelove. :)

Val said...

I guess I'm in the "raise the right eyebrow" club with M. I'm sure there is significance, but hell if I know what is is!
Great post!
But when did Wendy know?????

tiff said...

When I was young I found out that my cousin could do that, which totally impressed me. I understand how this one thing could make all the difference.

weese said...

you are both so gifted.

Anonymous said...

I still think you are pretty cool... even if blogger is REALLY pissing me off today.

Anonymous said...

Er... that was me... Gunfighter

weese said...

i should also mention...i think the whole eyebrow raising thing is very sexy (my sexy wife has this superpower as well)

Zoe said...

I love it. Hey, we all have our "thing", even if it is a little weird.

Melodee said...

Hey, I can raise my left eyebrow, too. I think Elizabeth is jealous of all the eyebrow raisers. ;)