September 29, 2004

Another Case of Getting What You Pay For?

Sick of it.

Sick of losing posts.

Sick of knowing I should save them off-line but being too lazy to consistently do so.

Sick of kicking myself when I lose one.

Sick of not being able to blog when I feel the urge because BlogSpot has a "technical difficulty".

Sick sick sick sick sick sick sick.

And whiny.

1 comment:

cbar said...

I get sick of trying to link/highlight/block quote something I wrote and losing the entire post except for the html for whatever I was trying to do. That annoys the crap out of me!! lol, it feels good to whine to someone who understands the feeling. I wish I could blog more but I have kids to pick up in about 20 mins. and I need to eat something.
btw, I'm glad you're still checking in on my blog once in awhile, it's nice to have fresh voices....