September 15, 2004


I made a spinach feta quiche for dinner last night. Spinach has become one of my favorite vegetables of all time. When I was a kid, I wouldn't eat it. Now I can't get enough.

For the quiche I used frozen spinach. Other meals, I usually sautee fresh spinach in a little e-v-o-o for a quick tasty side. (Anyone catch my Rachael-Ray-speak? I could almost hear her voice when I typed it. Blech.) While I never have eaten spinach from a can, I have seen it and smelled it and it is an altogether unappetizing maloderous glob of green nastiness. I pity the child who is only exposed to canned spinach while growing up. That kid would be like me with pork chops.

When I was growing up, pork chops were always cooked until they resembled shoe leather. Or worse they were smothered in stewed tomatoes and onions, then baked. (That smothered pork chop recipe is one of my mom's favorites but the rest of us can't stand it.) The first time someone served me pork chops outside of my parent's home, I was flabbergasted. Couldn't believe they could be so juicy and flavorful. We eat a lot of pork chops now.

The Boy has always been a good eater. Takes after his dad in that regard. He'll try anything once. And likes most of it enough to try it again.


Eyes for Lies said...

I knew the E-V-O from Rachael Ray LOL.

I can't even get enough artichokes : )

Eyes for Lies said...

Oops. I hate that you can't edit your own comments. I meant to write, "I can't ever eat enough artichokes". Sorry about that.

Melodee said...

I first met spinach from a can when I was a child. No wonder I hated it until I was an adult!

Anonymous said...

I agree on both the spinach and pork chops. My mother served us canned spinach and pork chops that had been broiled to resemble hockey pucks. Sometimes you'd have to actually chip pieces off to eat them.

Now, well, I know better.

- Jane