September 17, 2004

On the Road... Again

Oh yes! It's that time again. Family Three-Day-Weekend at The Boy's college. While I am thrilled to have an excuse visit, I'm not thrilled about hitting the road to travel south on this particular weekend. Predictions call for rain for the entire southeastern portion of the United States. Rain always makes highway travel so much more.... interesting. No, what I really mean is stressful and exhausting and slow and dangerous and tedious and much less fun.

But! Wendy and I put new windshield wipers on the car yesterday. At least we'll be able to see the road, always a plus. My car has needed new wiper blades for quite a while. We actually had new ones in the closet ready to install but just hadn't gotten around to it. It's one of those things I only think about when I'm driving in the rain. By the time I park, get out of the car, unlock the door, enter the house and greet the animals, I've forgotten all about needing to put those new wiper blades on.

So! All our bags are packed. We're ready to go. We're standing here outside the door. Okay not really. We're not leaving on a jet plane at all. That's next month.

However! My hair has been cut. The brownies are baked. The hotel was reserved weeks ago. Camera batteries are charged. Our bags are almost packed. The pet sitter has been reminded. Our fantasy lineups have been set and picks made for the pick 'em pool. We're all set.

So! We're off!


Melodee said...

Have a great time!

Robin said...

Have fun, y'all!