September 20, 2004


You know how sometimes when you take a trip, everything starts going wrong from the get-go and never ever gets on the right track? Wendy and I have been on trips like that before.

But our trip this past weekend was not like that.
It was smooth as silk.
Sweet as honey.
Tangy as a fresh tangerine.

The trip was smooth, sweet and tangy?
Do tell!

  • Smooth as in Friday travel + school day + mid-morning departure = zero traffic.
  • Sweet as in not running into torrential rain until 20 miles from our destination when we had expected to drive in it for the entire 279 miles and shortly thereafter having said rain pretty much dry up and go away.
  • Tangy as in hanging out and conversing with The Boy and his friends, listening to their "inside scoop" and gossip on the who what where how and why.

  • Smooth as in commenting on "artistic nature" of the poster of Einstein with a naked woman on his forehead and hearing someone say "my mom would FREAK if she saw that poster".
  • Sweet as in getting hello hugs from The Boy's suitemates.
  • Tangy as in getting to see and hear The Boy and his friends do their thing on stage.

  • Smooth as in being familiar enough with their upcoming production to ask intelligent questions and understand the responses.
  • Sweet as in sitting in the balcony for the second show and getting a few pics that are actually worth keeping.
  • Tangy as in quiet meals with The Boy catching us up on all things and vice versa.

I knew you would.

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elswhere said...

Isn't it great to be a Cool Parent? I only hope our kid admits us to that exalted rank when she's The Boy's age.

Welcome back!