September 9, 2004


Have you ever seen such a good looking basset?
Now you have.


Eyes for Lies said...

He IS handsome. Those chocolate colors are beautiful... I love, love, love dogs :)

So whose dog is he?

By the way, I love your by-line above..."I'm queer. I'm here. Get used to it!" Very nice. I smiled :)

Frilly said...

Okay yes, he is the yummiest!!

Suzanne said...

Fredette, he's OUR Dudley Dog. :)

And he's one of the sweetest little puppers ever to be born. Not that I'm prejudiced or anything... heh.

Pisces75 said...

Those look like really good cheeks to kiss!
I love that spot right behind the nose on the side...above the lips. Great place for doggie kisses.
Ok maybe that is too much description...but I am a freak for my dogs.