September 26, 2004

Inside Outside

This morning I picked up sticks, swept the driveways and raked and bagged leaves in the front yard. Meanwhile, Wendy was doing some sweeping and bagging of her own, albeit that of a different variety. Now our house is neat and clean inside and outside.

I came across another bit of suburban wildlife to share. I've seen these particular caterpillar-type creatures before, but I do not know what they are. I snapped this photo and went about my business. Checking back on him every so often, I noticed that he was burrowing into the soil. By the time I finished my work outside, there was only a pencil-eraser-sized piece of him remaining aboveground.


trisha said...

I believe it is a Luna Moth caterpillar...My son found one in our yard recently, and a neighbor guessed it may be that. How cool is that bug???!!! Amazing.

Suzanne said...

It's a pretty cool bug, indeed. From a distance that is. :)