September 21, 2004

Marauders Week 2: 0-2

Another loss for my team. I am sad. But not surprised. We did, however, have a better showing. We weren't as pathetic as last week. But it is still a loss.

I have got to do something about my receivers. With three receivers active each week, they truly are the heart of the team. This is where all the player movement over the off season gets to me. A wide receiver who was a fantasy stud last year but moved to a different team with a different quarterback and different offensive line could well be a complete dud this year. Then there's the risk of picking up a no-name player who has had good points so far this year but who may not touch the ball in another game. It's a crapshoot. What fun?

I'll take mild satisfaction in having scored more points than five other teams in my league. Mild isn't bad when it's all one has.


Pisces75 said...

Wide receivers are a total crapshoot! I had that same conversation with a person in my ff league.
Sorry to hear the Marauders are off to a slow start. Remember it is a long season. Don't get too hasty (sp?) on changing your entire lineup. It is hard for me to remember that as well.

Suzanne said...

You are right about not being hasty. Sometimes it's hard to be patient!