September 1, 2004

I Don't Get It...

26 ounces of regular iodized Salt: $0.49
11 ounces of Salt Substitute: $4.99

I ask you.
What's up with that?


Marn said... must be buying the "designer" salt substitute! It's awful how the price gets jacked up when they have taken something out to make it better for you. Supply and Demand? Costs more to make smaller quantities? Or maybe just that people need it, usually for medical reasons, so they can price it as high as they want because people don't have much choice and are more or less forced to buy it. Or maybe you just have a high maintenance girlfriend! Hee hee.

Pisces75 said...

That is how Splenda is...the sugar substitute. They recommend it for baking and stuff. Heck to use a cup of it is a couple of dollars. I figure I will use sugar and not eat as much of the cake....yeah rrriiiggghhhttt.