July 12, 2004

Capital "O"

Wendy performed a huge service for us yesterday. I mean huge on the scale of Mount Rushmore huge. It's that organizational thing, don't ya know? Wendy is my Mount Rushmore of organization. We both function so much better when things around us are organized and neat. But sometimes over time things that started out organized and neat get mucked up and messed up and disarranged and screwy. This time it was our dresser drawers. And our closets. The ones we keep our clothes in, not the closets where we keep all those other things that need to be kept tucked away behind closed doors.

I actually have a dresser drawer now that is completely empty! How cool is that? And all my clothes are already neatly stowed in other places! That drawer is really empty. Like time to go shopping empty. Mega cool. Like cold Mountain Dew on a hot summer day cool. Or like I imagine cold Mountain Dew on a hot summer day cool would be if I chose to drink such things but I typically don't. But the best thing is when I open the other drawers. Everything has a place and is in it. And the closet! Whee! Leftover winter clothes hanging out in our every day closet that had not yet made it to the winter clothes closet made their way over there yesterday, kind of like a snake fish moving from one pond to another.

It's a beautiful thing indeed.
Envy me. I know you do. At least for my dresser drawers.

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Melodee said...

Organization makes me so happy!