July 2, 2004

Weird History

I confess. I was surfing around indiscriminately again. Blindly following links and not paying attention to where I started, just to where I was going. And sometimes I wasn't paying attention even then. But hey, is that really something I need to confess? I felt no guilt while doing it. And I rarely miss an opportunity to feel guilty.

This caught my eye, mainly because we have some friends who are currently on the Weight Watchers program. I spent the next few minutes reading through these and laughing out loud. At work. Really loud. Couldn't help it though. In my defense I was on my lunch hour. And it's really hard to eat and laugh out loud at the same time. Laughing is hardly against the rules at my office, but I felt rather silly laughing out loud by myself. Our intern probably thinks I'm insane. He couldn't help but hear me.

Check it out. Read as you scroll down to "start the tour". Then take the tour. It's well worth the clicks.

Weight Watchers Recipe Cards circa 1974

You can thank me later.


WenWhit said...

Thank you. :)

sunflower said...

Oh god, those are the hideous dream-forms of so many vaguely familiar meals.. O_O Thank you.. hehe

SSD said...

Well it's ovbious to me that if I had to adhere to that diet, I'd definately stop eating too. What a better way to lose weight. So its a great idea, no?

fluffy mackarel pudding. mmm mmm good.