July 19, 2004

Watching Zip Codes

The post title is compliments of our friend Tina, as she has so dubbed Wendy and my weekend habit of watching re-runs of 90210.

It's true. We do it. And we aren't overly shy about admitting it. There's not much TV selection on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We only have like 100 or more channels from which to choose after all. And we enjoy watching something as we lay around sipping our weekend coffee and prepare to face the day. Cartoons have gotten so complex they go right over our heads and demand actual concentration to follow. We require something more basic. Like teen angst and predictable drama made even more predictable because we're watching re-runs.

Why oh why do we enjoy that show? It's certainly not the captivating story lines that draw us in.

The first reason that pops into my head is "sexy women scantily clad", followed closely in second place by "women in bikinis and mid-drift tops". That sounds more than a bit piggish though. But it is the first thing that pops into my head. However it's not always piggish to appreciate a well endowed physically fit female specimen, is it?  Our thoughts remain pure after all.

We also enjoy making catty comments about the actors. Well not about the actors really, rather the characters they portray. Except in the case of Tori Spelling.  In her case, we are sometimes being catty about the actress.  She's a "butter face" in our own humble opinions.   But we are also extremely disparaging of her character: Ms. Donna Martin, prissy do-gooder virgin extraordinaire. Not that being a prissy do-gooder virgin is a bad thing. But from where we sit, the angst it causes her is mockworthy.  Either commit to saving your virginity and be comfortable with your decision or get busy losing it, girl!

Yesterday morning's episode highlighted that dilemma as she wrestled with prom night and her boyfriend David's desire to spend the night with her at the ritzy Bel Age Hotel. We often refer to him as Blue Balls for obvious reasons. Wendy opines that if there is someone desparate enough to have sex with the horsefaced one, she should be grateful enough to follow through.  Wendy has a point, albeit a wicked one.  

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